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The Solar Vision for 2021 & the 117th Congress

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The 2020 election will have tremendous consequences for the future of energy and climate policy in the United States. To meet this moment and provide guidance for the incoming Biden administration and new members of Congress, SEIA has prepared a legislative and executive agenda for 2021 and beyond. 

This plan envisions scenarios related to leadership in the White House, federal agencies, the House and the Senate. Next year will bring the first new Congress and presidential term in the Solar+ Decade and an opportunity to develop policy frameworks that create hundreds of thousands of jobs and lasting economic prosperity. The new year will also be a pivotal time for the federal government to take steps that increase renewable energy deployment and address climate change. Finally, COVID-19 has brought into sharp relief the need for long-term thinking on workforce development, infrastructure, resilience, equity and economic recovery. The U.S. can address all of these needs by investing in a clean, affordable electricity system. 

There is no single policy that can help the U.S. achieve a clean energy future. As such, this document outlines a suite of policies, encompassing both executive and legislative actions, that can put America on a path to 100% clean energy. It is important to note that while a comprehensive federal carbon policy, including stable tax policies and a renewable/clean energy standard, are core components of this agenda, a successful transition to a carbon-free economy will depend on the regulatory changes and infrastructure programs contained in this vision.

To lay the foundation for a strong clean energy economy that prioritizes equity and environmental justice, the solar industry proposes an agenda organized around three strategic principles:

  • Achieving Clean Energy Goals & Developing Comprehensive Carbon Policy
  • Investing in Clean Energy Infrastructure and the Workforce Needed to Built It
  • Ensuring Markets are Competitive & Remain Open to Clean Energy
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