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About the Solar ITC

The Investment Tax Credit is one of the most successful clean energy policies ever passed and has helped support a robust solar industry in the United States.

Since the ITC was enacted in 2006, the U.S. solar industry has:
  • Created more than 200,000 jobs
  • Invested $140 billion into the U.S. economy
  • Increased solar deployment by more than 10,000%
  • Grown by an average annual rate of 52% each year

Despite this massive success, the ITC is currently scheduled to begin stepping down at the end of 2019, ahead of a complete elimination of the credit for residential systems in 2022, while the commercial credit drops to 10%.

A Meaningful Solution to Climate Change

Politicians on both sides of the aisle have stated their commitment to addressing climate change and developing solutions to reduce our nation's carbon emissions. The Solar ITC is the strongest policy we have to encourage clean energy development and meaningfully cut emissions.

At a time when we must take decisive action to build a clean economy and tackle the climate crisis, we should not turn our backs on the single most successful policy driver for deploying clean energy. 

Earth to Congress: You Can Deliver a Climate Win Today
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Current Co-Sponsors of HR 3961

52% average annual solar growth since the ITC was enacted
SEIA's History of Defending the ITC

Since 2005, SEIA has been a leading advocate of the creation and extension of the Investment Tax Credit. We have worked with our members to demonstrate the positive impacts of this policy and secured successful extensions of the credit in 2007, 2008 and 2015. Once again we are calling on the industry to join us in this critical effort to extend one of the most important federal policies for the deployment of solar energy in America.

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Thank you to @SenCortezMasto, @RepThompson, @RepBrianFitz and @RepPaulCook for introducing the Renewable Energy Extension Act. This key legislation is necessary to continue the rapid growth of #solar and expand clean energy access in the U.S.
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Tell your representatives to support the Renewable Energy Extension Act and help extend the most successful clean energy tax policy in history! #DefendTheITC @SEIA’s statement:
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The U.S. wouldn’t be #2MillionSolarStrong without the #solar ITC. We must #DefendTheITC to deploy more solar in the fight against climate change.
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